Psychology Module One

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  1. Psychology
    Science of behavior and mental processes
  2. Structuralism
    The first prominent system for organizing psychological beliefs.
  3. Gestalt Psychology
    Psychological perspective that emphasized our tendency to integrate pieces of information into meaningful words.
  4. Functionalism
    Theory that emphasized the functions and ways consciousness helps people adapt into their enviornment.
  5. Behaviorist Perspective
    School of thought that focuses on how we learn observable responses.
  6. Cognitive Perspective
    School of thought that focuses on how we take in, process, store, and retrive information.
  7. Biological Perspective
    The physical structures and substances underlying a particular behavior, thought, or emotion.
  8. Social-Cultural Perspective
    How thinking or behavior changes in different contexts/situations.
  9. Behavioral Perspective
    How we learn through rewards, punishments, and observations.
  10. Humanistic Perspective
    How healthy people strive to reach their full potential.
  11. Psychdynamic Perspecitve
    How we are affected by unconscious drives and conflicts.
  12. Behavior Genes
    Focuses on how much our genes and enviornment influcence our individual differences.
  13. Basic Research
    Pure science that aims to increase the scientific knowledge base.
  14. Positive Psyschology
    Movement that focuses on the study of optimal human functioning and the factors that allow us to thrive.
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