Psychology Module 2

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  1. Scientific Method
    Method of learning about the world through critical thinking and tools such as observation, experimentation, and statistical analysis.
  2. Researcher Bias
    Research that engages behaviors and selective notice evidence to support their hypothesis or expectations.
  3. Critical Thinking
    Thinking that that doesnt blindly accept arguments and conclusions.
  4. Participant Bias
    Research participants reponde in a certain way because they know that they are being watched or they believe they know what the researcher wants.
  5. Naturalistic Observation
    Recording/Observing behavior in naturallu occuring situations without trying to control the situation.
  6. Case Studys
    Research technique in which one person is studied in depth in the hope or revealing universial principals.
  7. Correlation Study
    Research project designed to discover the degree to which two variables are related to each other.
  8. Positive correlated
    Negative correlated
    • Both variables increase(effictiveness)
    • One increases, other decreases
  9. Population
    All the cases in a group, from which samples may be drawn for study.
  10. Experiment
    Research method in which the researcher manipulates one or more factors to observe the effect on other variables while controlling for confounding variables.
  11. Hypothesis
    Investigators testable prediction about the outcome of research
  12. Operational Definitons 
    A specification of the exact procedures used to make a variable specific and measurable for research purposes.
  13. Independent Variable
    Variable that should cause something to happen
  14. Dependent Variable
    Variable that should show the cause effect of the independent variable
  15. Random Assignment
    Assigning participants to control groups by chance to minimize preexisting differences among them.
  16. Confounding Variable
    Variable that could influence the dependent variable
  17. Blind Procedure
    Participants are not told the hypothesis until after data is collected.
  18. Placebo
    Nonactive substance/condition that may be administered instead of a drug or active agent to see if the drug has an effect beyond the expectations.
  19. Replication
    Repeating a research study to see whenether the results can be reliably reproduced.
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