HVAC 1000

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  1. Energy that causes molecules to be in motion and to raise the temperature of a substance.
  2. The amount of heat requires to raise the temperature of 1lb of water 1°F
    British Thermal Unit (BTU)
  3. A term used to describe a substance when it contains all of another substance it can hold.
  4. The gaseous state of a substance.
  5. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1il of substance 1°F
    Specific Heat
  6. The capacity of doing work
  7. Liquid formed when a capor condenses
  8. The fluid in a refrigeration system that changes from a liquid to a vapor and back to a liquid at practical pressures.
  9. Matter held together to extent that it is considered one body.
  10. A gauge used to measure the pressure above and below the atmosphere's standard pressure.  A Bourdon tube sensing device and can be found on all gage manifolds used for air conditioning and refrigeration service work.
    Compound Gauge
  11. The pressure that corresponds to the condensing temperature in a refrigeration system.
    Condensing pressure
  12. The temperature scale that places the boiling point of water at 212° and the freezing point at 32°
    Farenheit Scale
  13. The condition that occurs when a substance change from one physical state to another such as ice to water and water to steam.
    Change of State
  14. The exact temperature at which moisture begins to form.
  15. Heat that causes a change in temperature
    Sensible Heat
  16. The weight of the atmosphere's gases pressing down on the earth.  Equal to 14.696psi at level and 70 °F
    Atmospheric Pressure
  17. Heat energy absorbed or rejected when a substance is changing state and there is no change in temperature.
    Lantent Heat (Hidden Heat)
  18. A word used to describe the level of heat or molecular activity expressed in Fahrenheit, Rankine, Celsio Kelvin
  19. The surrounding air temperature
    Ambient Temperature
  20. The word used to describe the heat at lower levels of intensity
  21. Heat that passes through air heating solid objects that in turn heat the surounding area
    Radiant Heat
  22. Quanity of heat 100,00 Btu
  23. Heat transfer from one place to another using a fluid.
  24. The condition that occurs when heat is absorbed by a liquid and it changes to a vapor

  25. the amount of heat required to melt a ton (2,000lb) of ice at 32°F in 24 hours.  288,000 Btu/h or 200 Btu/min.
    Ton of Refrigeration
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