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  1. Anthropology
    the study of how human beings behave, how they act together, where they came from and what makes one group of people different from another.
  2. Archaeologists
    they study human life in the past by examining the things that people left behind.
  3. Prehistory
    the time before written records archeologists look for the places where people may have lived.
  4. Fossils
    hardened remains or imprints of living things that existed long ago.
  5. Geologists
    scientists who study the physical materials of Earth itself, such as soil and rocks.
  6. Artifacts
    objects made and used by humans. They try to identify patterns.
  7. Hunter Gatherer
    means that they lived by hunting small animals and gathering plants.
  8. Technology
    tools and skills that people use to meet their needs and wants.
  9. Culture
    includes the mane different elements that make up the way of life of a people.
  10. Nomads
    people who move from place to place with the seasons.
  11. Populate
    become inhabitants of almost every land area of the world
  12. Migration
    occurs when people leave their homeland to live somewhere else.
  13. Environment
  14. Adapt
    change their way of life to suit the new environment
  15. Clan
    groups of families with a common ancestor.
  16. Animism
    a belief the natural world was filled with spirits
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