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  1. Apothecary

    The apothecary found my medicine for me.
    • one who prepares and sells drugs or
    • compounds for medicinal purposes
  2. piety

    The saint's parents were remarkable for their discretion and piety.
    natural obligations
  3. strictures

    Others in the same working field seem less bound by its strictures.
    restriction on a person or activity
  4. dictum

    And yet the medical dictum says that for incurable diseases, the only recourse is prevention.
    formal pronouncement of a principle, proposition, or opinion
  5. chattels

    The officer retrieved some of my chattels from my home after I could not pay my rent.
    property; slave
  6. impotent

    The originally strong acid was so diluted, it became impotent to the human body.
    without strength or effectiveness
  7. trot-lines

    I reeled in the trot-lines after I was done fishing
    a strong fishing line strung across a stream, or deep into a river
  8. unsullied

    My father's clothes were always unsullied as they were clean and crisp all the time.
    pure; untarnished
  9. spittoon

    We spat out our wads of tobacco in the spittoon.
    cup to spit things in
  10. collard

    I ran through the collard greens patch and noticed that the plants looked like kale.
    variety of kale
  11. vapid

    After sitting out for a few hours, the once delicious steak turned vapid.
    lacking life, sharpness, or flavor
  12. domiciled

    The dog was domiciled in his dog house.
    place of residence
  13. predilection

    Since the judge was white, he had a predilection for Bob Ewell.
    tendency to think favorably of something; bias
  14. stumphole

    The farmer brought some stumphole whiskey to the children's party, which was negatively recieved.
    type of whiskey
  15. flivver

    Mr. Brown's flivver kept breaking down since it was from the 1960's.
    old, small, inexpensive automobile
  16. nebulous

    After that intense party last night, I currently feel quite nebulous.
    hazy, indistinct, vague, or confused
  17. catawba

    We picked some catawba grapes from the field and mashed them later.
    reddish variety of grape
  18. wallowing

    Oscar Pistorius shocks most people because most paraplegics resort to wallowing; however, he runs a record 400m.
    to flounder about or move clumsily and with difficulty
  19. sojourn

    During his sojourn in Italy, he bought a few inexpensive local paintings.
    temporary stay
  20. truant

    Since truants get arrested by the police for skipping school.
    someone who stays away from school without permission
  21. begrudges

    The single woman begrudged the engagement of her friend.
    to envy the good fortune of someone else
  22. disapprobation

    His father showed his disapprobation when he yelled at his son in public.
    disapproval; condemnation
  23. auspicious

    A fortune cookie is an auspicious token.
    promising success; favored by fortune
  24. scuppernongs

    The wine from scuppernongs is my favorite.
    silvery amber-green type of grape
  25. vigil

    He maintaned his vigil as he kept close watch of the prisoner.
    wakefulness maintained for any reason during the normal hours for sleeping
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