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  1. Atoms - Biophere
    Atoms, molecules, cells,tissuse, organ, organ system, orgaism, population, community, ecosystem, biosphere
  2. Why is the atoms structure important
    The atoms sturtuce is important because it tell how man bond an atom can form and bonds make molecules
  3. H2O forms hydrogen bonds with what
    H2O forms hydrogen bonds with other molecules. 
  4. H2O has what type of bond
  5. Hydrogen is slighly what
    Negative and postive
  6. 6 Properties of what and why this helps us
    • Adhesive/ Cohehsive/ and surface tension - blood flow
    • High heat captivty -keep organisms warm
    • High heat evapoation- cool us
    • Universal solvent- can mix with other things
    • Less dense then water- allow aquatic life
    • Polar molecule-falicatates chemical reaction 
  7. Difference in inorganic and organic
    Inorganic = Non living, postive and negative ions, small number or ions.

    Organic= Living things, Carbon bonds, has carbon and hydrogens
  8. Carbond can form how many bonds and why
    4 because it has 4 valence eletrons
  9. Carbon backbone chartersitcs
    Hydrogen hold 1 electron which release energy which is why its saturtaed
  10. 6 funcional groups
    • Hydroxle
    • Carbnyl
    • Carboxl
    • Amino
    • Sulfhydryl
    • Phosphate
  11. Phosphate (picture)
  12. Sufhydryl 
  13. Amino 
  14. Carboxl
  15. Carbonyl
    • C=o
    • =H
  16. Hydroxle
    R= OH

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