Present Tense Packet Vocabulary

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  1. Charlar
    To chat
  2. Enviar
    To send; to ship
  3. Mandar
    To send; to be in command
  4. Ingresar(en)
    To enter; to join; to put in; to go into
  5. Tratar de
    To be about; deal with
  6. Matricularse
    To matriculate; to register; to enroll
  7. Advertir
    To warn
  8. Atravesar
    To cross; to go through
  9. Herir
    To hurt
  10. Negar
    To deny
  11. Sugerir
    To suggest
  12. Temblar
    To shake; to tremble
  13. Envolver
    To wrap
  14. Mostrar
    To show
  15. Soler
    To usually do
  16. Sonar
    To ring; to sound
  17. Rogar
    To beg; to pray
  18. Conseguir
    To get
  19. Corregir
    To correct
  20. Despedirse
    To say goodbye to; to dismiss
  21. Elegir
    To choose; to elect
  22. Impedir
    To prevent
  23. Reñir
    To argue; to scold
  24. Detener
    To stop
  25. Convenir
    To agree
  26. Suponer
    To suppose
  27. Agradecer
    To thank
  28. Establecer
    To start; to establish
  29. Merecer
    To deserve
  30. Pertenecer
    To belong
  31. Traducir
    To translate
  32. Huir
    To flee
  33. Influir
    To influence
  34. Vencer
    To defeat
  35. Dirigir
    To direct
  36. Guiar
    To guide
  37. Imponer
    To impose
  38. Proponer
    To propose
  39. Carecer
    To lack
  40. Favorecer
    To favor; to suit
  41. Incluir
    To include
  42. Coger
    To take
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