Force & Motion

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  1. Potential Energy
    stored energy an object has due to it's position, molecular arrangement, or chemical composition
  2. Centripetal Force
    any force that keeps an object moving in a circle
  3. Kinetic Energy
    the energy of motion; a moving object has the most kinetic energy at the point where it moves to fastest
  4. Momentum
    a measure of mass in motion; the movement of an object is the product of it's mass and velocity
  5. Inertia
    the resistance of an object to a change in the speed or the direction of it's motion
  6. Net Force
    the overall force acting on an object when all of the forces acting on it are combined
  7. Force
    a push or pull; something that changes the motion of an object
  8. Acceleration
    a rate at which velocity changes over time
  9. Speed
    • a measure of how fast something moves through a particular distance over a definite time period
    • speed equals distance divided by time
  10. Motion
    a change of position over time
  11. Referance Point
    a location to which another location is compared
  12. Position
    an object's location
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