PSW 320 Cellular Adaptation, Injury, Death (9/5/12)

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  1. Cellular adaptation
    • atrophy
    • hypertrophy
    • hyperplasia
    • metaplasia
    • dysplasia
  2. cell injury and death
    • causes of cell injury
    • mechanisms of cell injury
    • reversible cell injury and death
  3. cellular adaptation definition
    adapt to change in internal environment
  4. adaptation includes changes in cell.....
    • size
    • number
    • type
  5. cellular adaptation changes in cell may lead to.....
    • atrophy
    • hypertrophy
    • hyperplasia
    • metaplasia
    • dysplasia
  6. atrophy
    • decreased cell size
    • "with out feeding/nourishment"
    • disuse atrophy - due to denervation, lack of use, poor nutrition, eschemia- lack of blood flow
    • skeletal muscle - lack of activity so become smaller
  7. hypertrophy
    • increased cell size
    • "above/beyond feeding/nourishment"
    • working out - skeletal muscle
    • cardiac muscle - cardiac failure due to increase blood pressure (pathophys condition)
  8. hyperplasia
    • increased cell number
    • "above/beyond to form"
    • endocrine cells - prostate gland enlarges - due to continuous hormonal stim
    • gastrointestinal tract
    • only not going to occur in adult cells - like nerve cells
    • skin cells can undergo hyperplasia (ie calluses)
  9. metaplasia
    • change from one adult cell type to another
    • "to form beyond"
    • smoking - chronically irritate so change cilliated columnar cells to squamous cells, purpose to protect themselves (not normal fx)
  10. dysplasia
    • cells of varying size, shape, and organization in a specific tissue
    • "to form against, faulty, difficulty"
    • faulty change, precancerous condition, change to chronic stimulus
    • ie papsmear - cervical cancer due to virus to change cell size and shape, often precancerous condition
    • barretts esophagus - chronic irritation of acid in esophagus - can develop cancer
  11. adaptive changes help cells survive
    • if don't adapt, then causes death of cell
    • cell adapt depends on cell location, type of cell
    • cells accumulate substances (ie lipids, calcium)
  12. cell injury and death
    • cell injury may be reversible or irreversible
    • adaptation depends on severity of injury , depends on O2 and nutrition, blood supply
    • death and regeneration are ongoing
  13. Causes of cell injury
    • physical agents
    • radiation injury
    • chemical injury
    • biological agents
    • nutritional imbalances
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