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  1. 感情 gǎnqíng
  2. 有感情 yǒu gǎnqíng
    To have affection
  3. 我对上海没有感情。因为上海不是我的故乡。 gùxiàng.
    I have no affection for Shanghai because it's not my hometown.
  4. 他们夫妻俩感情很好。tāmen fūqī liǎ gǎnqíng hěn hǎo.
    That couple has a good relationship.
  5. 感情不好 gǎnqíng bù hǎo.
    To not have a good relationship.
  6. 长期的 chángqī de
  7. 他们每天在一起,肯定会产生感情。chǎnshēng gǎnqíng.
    They're together every day, their affection will certainly develop.
  8. 感觉 gǎnjué
  9. 我对你没有感觉,我们还是做朋友吧 péngyou ba.
    I don't have any feelings for you. It'd be better if we were just friends.
  10. 你有什么感觉? nǐ yǒu shénme gǎnjué?
    What feelings do you have?
  11. 你感觉怎么样?nǐ gǎnjué zěnmeyàng?
    How do you feel?
  12. 我感觉这个句子有问题,但是不知道问题在哪儿。
    I feel like there's a problem with this sentence, but I don't know where it is.
  13. 让我感觉......
    Makes me feel...
  14. 我感觉很烦。
    I feel very frustrated.
  15. 这个情况让我感觉很烦。
    This situation makes me frustrated.
  16. 感动
    To be moved, to move.
  17. 看了你写的信,我真的很感动。
    I read your letter and I felt really moved.
  18. 听了John的podcast,我很感动。
    When I listen to John's podcast I'm very moved.
  19. 雷锋的故事感动了大家。Léi Fēng de gùshi gǎndòng le dàjiā.
    Lei Feng's story moved everyone.
  20. 感受 gǎnshòu
    To be emotionally affected.
  21. 军人的生活是怎样的?我很想去感受一下。
    What's life in the military like? I really want to feel what it's like.
  22. 你有什么感受?
    What feelings did it give you?
  23. 看了电影以后,你有什么感受?
    After seeing the movie, what was your emotional reaction?
  24. 考虑别人的感受。
    Consider someone's emotional reaction.
  25. 伤害别人的感情。shānghài biérén de gǎnqíng.
    To hurt somebody's feelings.
  26. 那有的时候,拍照的时候,你遇到了一个不好的摄影师,那就会浪费感情。
    Sometimes, when taking pictures and you come across a bad photographer, it's a waste of emotion.
  27. 我感觉很轻松。
    I feel very relaxed.
  28. 我感觉很累。
    I feel very tired.

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