Biology lab equipment

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    • Beaker
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    measuring cylinder or graduated cylinder
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    Bibulous paper

    • -used to blot slides dry after making and before viewing glass slides on the microscope
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    -used for picking up and moving materials, for instance, plant leaves for making slides
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    Dropping bottle contains immersion oil for using the oil 100x lens on the microscome

    - this oil is special/ it reduces the refraction of light to improve magnified images
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    Glass slide


    -Slides are used with the frosted side up/ you can write on frosting with a pencil
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    Petri plate

    • -with medium(agar) for growing micro-organisms.
    • -Has a plastic lid to maintain sterility.
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    • Incinerator
    • -used for sterilizing the inoculation loop
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    -delicate wipin paper cloths for cleaning slides and microscope lenses, not for wiping your nose
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    • Lens papaer
    • -used to clean lenses on the microscopes
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    Magnetic stir bars

    -when palced in a beakier on a stir plate, the bar rotates, mixing the liquids
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    pH paper

    • -used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.
    • also called Litmus papaer
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    Squirt Bottle

    • -usually contains water and is always labeled
    • -Straw goes to the bottom of bottle, so it will not work if you invert it
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    Stir Plate

    -used with the stir bar to mix liquids in a beaker
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    Test tube
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    Transfer pipette

    • -some are graduated
    • -disposable plastic for transferring small volumes of liquids
    • not accurate for measurements
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    Inoculation loop

    • -metal wire with rubberized hand hold
    • -used for transferring bacteria from plate to plate.
    • -a inoculation loop is sterilized using dry heat
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