Unit 1 English Vocab

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  1. Allegory
    Truth or generalization made about the human condition through an extended metaphor
  2. Abstract
    A style which discusses intangible qualities (like good and evil) without much support or example
  3. Accent
    The stressed portion of a word in poetry (to be or not to be)
  4. Aesthetic
    How words and their meanings appeal to the senses
  5. Alliteration
    Repetitive consonant sounds found at the beginning of words (sessions of sweet silent thought...)
  6. Consonance
    The repetition of consonant sounds in the middle or the end of words (a flock of sick, black, checkered ducks)
  7. Assonance
    Repetitive vowel sounds that end with different consonant sounds (late, fake)
  8. Rhyme
    Repetitive vowel and consonant sounds (lake, fake)
  9. Anachronism
    Someone or something that is misplaced in time (if Hamlet wore a wristwatch)
  10. Analogy
    A comparison which involves two or more symbolic parts to clarify a relationship
  11. Anecdote
    A short narrative in the life of someone that lays claim to an element of truth
  12. Anthropomorphism
    Inanimate objects are given human characteristics such as darkness, light, judgement, etc...
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