SAT words 1

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  1. fatuous
    (adj.) silly, foolish
  2. forum
    (n.) venus for discussion
  3. forbearance
    (n.) patience, restraint, tolerance
  4. fervent 
    (adj.) ardent, passionate 
  5. extraneous
    (adj.) irrelevant, external to, not necessary
  6. forestall
    (v.) to prevent, thwart, delay
  7. flout
    (v.) to disregard or disobey openly
  8. fraught
    (adj.) charged, loaded
  9. forsake
    (v.) give up, renounce
  10. expunge
    • (v.) to obliterate, eradicate
  11. expiate
    (v.) to make amends for, atone
  12. exorbitant
    (adj.) excessive
  13. exonerate
    (v.) to free from guilt or blame, exculpate, vindicate
  14. exigent
    (adj.) urgent, critical
  15. fractious
    (adj.) troublesome or irritable
  16. extricate
    (v.) to disentangle, free from difficulty
  17. fallacious
    (adj.) incorrect, misleading
  18. fortuitous
    (adj.) happening by chance, often lucky or fortunate
  19. fortitude
    (n.) strength, courage, firmness
  20. fathom
    (n.) understand, comprehend
  21. exhort
    (v.) urge, prod, stir
  22. extant
    (adj.) existing, not destroyed or lost
  23. fecund
    (adj.) fruitful, fertile 
  24. expedient
    (adj.) advisable, advantegeous, serving ones self interest
  25. fetid
    (adj.) having a foul odor
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