Respiratory disorders

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  1. pulmonary hypertension primary
    • inc pulmonary vascular pressure and resistance with exact etiology unknown
    • deficient release of vasodialator mediators resulting in artery injury
    • affects mostly females 30-40
  2. manifestations of pulmonary hypertension primary
    • progessive dyspnea at rest
    • fatigue/ weakness
    • dizziness / exertional syncope
    • exertional chest pain
    • cor pulmonale with s/s of right sided heart failure
  3. pulmonary hypertention secondary
    • due to underlying heart, lung, HIV , collegen disease
    • there is reduction in size of pulmonary vascular bed which can cause vasoconstriction and vessel destruction
  4. manifestations of pulmonary hypertention secondary
    progessive dyspnea, dull, retrosternal CP, fatigue , syncope with exertion, palpitations , cough, lethargy, symptoms of right ventricular heart failure
  5. pulmonery hypertention cor pulmonale
    right ventricular hypertrophy and failure usually from long dstanding pulmonary hypertention COPD is most frequent cause
  6. manifestations of pulmonary hypertention cor pulmonale
    • fatigue
    • chronic progressive cough
    • progessive dyspnea
    • wheezing
    • warm skin
    • moist
    • ruddy, cyanotic , retrosternal or substernal chest pain, enlarged right ventricle , JVD, extra heart sounds , peripheral edema
  7. collaborative care for pulmonary hypertention
    • treat cause
    • supplemental oxygen
    • long term anticoagulants
    • calcium channel blockers
    • prostacyclins (FLOLAN)
    • endothelin receptor antagonists (Tracleer)
    • nitric oxide aides (Revatio)
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