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  1. the movement of an action potential down the length of an unmyelinated axon
    passive condition
  2. the level of depolarization at when an acton potential is initiated
  3. a receptor protein in the postynaptic membrane in which the recognition site is located in the same structure as the ion channel
    Ionic receptor
  4. cells in the nervous system that support the activites of neurons
  5. a small structure within a cell that carries out a specific function
  6. the main mass of a neuron containing the nucleus and many organelles
  7. the largest fiber in the cell cytoskeleton responsible for the transport of neurotransmitter and other products to and from the cell body
  8. movement of materials from the cell body of a neuron to the axon terminal along the microtubes.
    anterogade transport
  9. movement of a material from the axon terminal back to the cell body via the systems of microtubules
    retrogade transport
  10. a neural fiber found in the cell cytoskeleton that is responsible for structural support
  11. the smallest fiber foung in the cytoskeleton that is responsible for structural support
  12. the substructure within a cell body that contains the cells dna
  13. a substructure within the cell nucleus where robosomes are produced.
  14. an organelle in the cell body involed with protein synthesis
  15. the period in which an action potential will not occur in a particular location of an axon regardless of input
    absolute refractory period
  16. a glial cell that forms the myelin on axons in the peripheral nervous system
    schwan cells
  17. a large, star shaped glial cell of the central nervous system, responsible for structural support isolation of the synapse, control of the extracellular chemical environment of the synapse and possibly communication
  18. a glial cell that forms the myelin on the central nervous system axons
  19. a neuron that has multipple branches usually are axon and numerous dendrites
    multipolar neuron
  20. a specialized neuron that translates sensory information into electrical signals.
    sensory neuron
  21. a nerve that serves as a bridge between sensory and motor neurons
  22. large glial cells including astrocytes oligondedrytes and schwane cells
  23. tiny mobile glia cells  that migrate to areas of damage and digest debri
  24. the transmission of a wave through a medium; in neurons its the replication of the action potential down the length of the axon
  25. an electric signal that can vary in size and shape
    graded potential
  26. a synapse in which both the post and presynoptic elements are axons.
    axo-axonic synapse
  27. the period following an action potential in which larget than normal input will produce a second action potential but in which normal input will be insufficient
    relative refractory period
  28. a chemical within the postsynaptic neuron that is indirectly activated by synaptic activity and interacts with intracellular enzymes or transmitters
    second messenger
  29. a receptor in the presynaptic membrane that recaptures released molecules of neurotransmitters in the process of reuptake
  30. a process for ending the action of neurotransmitters in the synaptic gapin which the presynaptic membrane receptors the transmitters molecules
  31. a protein found in the intracellular side of a metabutropic receptor that separates in response to the bonding of neurotransmitter substance and travels to adjacenet areas of the cell to affect ion chemicals or second messages
    g protein
  32. a protein structure embeded in the postynaptic membrane containing recognition site and g protein. Neurotransmitters binding to these receptors do not directly open ion channels
    metrabotropic receptor
  33. the movement of the electrical charge within a cell in a more negative directions
  34. a molecule within a receptor site that bonds to specific chemical messengers
    recognition molecule
  35. a special protein structure embedded in neural membrane that responds to chemical messangers
    receptor site
  36. receptor site located on the presynaptic about the cells own activity levels
  37. a type of synapse on which a neuron directly affetcs in adjecent neuron through the movements of ions from one cell to another
    electrical synapse
  38. the process in which vessicles membrane of the axon terminal and release neurotransmitter molecules into synaptic gap
  39. the movement of an electrical charge within a cell in a more positive direction
  40. at a synapse between two actions the decrease of neurotransmitter release by the postynaptic axon as a result of the input from the presynaptic axon
    presynaptic inhibition
  41. the determination of weather to fire an action potential based on the summation of inputs to a neuron
    neural integration
  42. a small hyperpolarization produced in the postsynaptic cell as a result of input of a presynaptic cell
    inhibitory postynaptic potential (ISP)
  43. a small depolirization produced in the postsynaptic cell as a result of input from the presynaptic cell
    exicatory postsynaptic potential (ESP)
  44. a type of synapse on which the messages are transmitter from one neuron to another by chemical neurotransmitters
    chemical synapse
  45. the movement of an action potential from mode of Randier to node of Randier down the length of an ayelinated axon
    salatory conduction
  46. neural intergration in which excitation from one active synapse is sufficient to initiate the formation of the action potential
    temporal summation
  47. a synapse between two axons. the increase of neurotransmitter release by the postsynaptic axon as a result of inout from a presynaptci axon
    presynaptic facilitation
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