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  1. irregardless
  2. thusly
    thus is already an adverb without the suffix -ly
  3. where . . . at?
    • where . . .?
    • no need of at
  4. mad or upset is not angry
    • mad: insane
    • upset: turned over
  5. apt or liable is not likely
    • apt: suitable
    • liable: legally oligated, susceptible
  6. aggravate is not irritate
    • aggravate: to make worse
    • irritate: to annoy
  7. a half a cup
    • a half cup
    • half a cup
  8. not . . . no,
    not . . . nothing
    • a double negative frequently misued. 
    • not . . . any
  9. anyways, anywheres, nowwheres, somewheres 
    anyway, anywhere . . . without an s
  10. beside / besides
    • beside: by the side of
    • besides: in addition to
    • they are interchangeable only when the prepositions are to mean "except"
  11. Old English of KJV
    In fact KJV is not written in Old English.
  12. a lot
    use many or a good deal of for a formal writing. allot means "to distribute or assign
  13. awful, awfully
    do not use these words as synonyms for very. 
  14. healthy, healthful
    • healthy: having health
    • healthful: giving health
  15. in, into
    • in: location within
    • into: motion or direction to a point within
  16. inside of, outside of
    do not use as replacements for within and except. 
  17. data, strata, criteria, phenomena
    Do not confuse these plurals with their singular forms: datum, stratum, criterion, and phonomenon.
  18. alumni
    this plural form of alumnus should not be used in place of the singular forms: alumnus(male), alumna(female). Alumni may refer to a mixed group as well as to a male group.
  19. and etc.
    Etc. is an abbreviation for the Latin et cetera(and other things). and etc. is redundant. 
  20. as to
    weak substitute for about  or  of .  Use about
  21. between / among
    • between: referring to two items
    • amoung: referring to three or more items
  22. kind of a
    use "rather."
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