Wordly Wise Lesson 13 Book 6

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  1. Blandishment (n) (often plural)
    That which is intended to coax or persuade such as flattery; an allurement
  2. Deprecate (v)
    • 1. To critisize or express disapproval of
    • 2. to represent as of little value
  3. Discomfit (v)
    To make one uneasy by embarrassing them
  4. Meteoric (adj)
    • Coming into existence swiftly and brightly like a meteor
    • Ex.
    • The young star had a meteoric apearance, raking in 50 grand from his first role.
  5. Overbearing (adj)
    Acting in an arrogant, domineering way
  6. Precocious (adj)
    • Showing exeptionally early development of abilities
    • Ex.
    • The precocious child spoke three languages by the time she was seven.
  7. Proffer (v)
    • (v)
    • to for acceptance or consideration
    • (n)
    • An offer
  8. Remonstrate (v)
    To say in protest; to raise an objection
  9. Rift (n)
    • 1. A split or crack
    • 2. A break in friendly relationships
  10. Solicitious (adj)
    Showing intrest and care; concerned
  11. Succint (adj)
    Expressed clearly and in few words; concise
  12. Sylvan (adj)
    Having to do with trees or wooded areas
  13. Trepidation (n)
    Apprehension; dread
  14. Untoward (adj)
    • Not favorable; unlucky
    • Ex.
    • Despite my fear of airplanes, nothing untoward happened on our flight to California.
  15. Virtuoso
    • (n)
    • 1. A person with great skill in some art, espescially in music
    • (adj)
    • 2. Done with great skill and dash

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Lesson 13 of the Wordly Wise series book 6
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