Thrombocytic & Other Cell Series Descriptions

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  1. Megakaryoblast
    • rarely recognized
    • large cell
    • single nucleus
    • deep basophilic cytoplasm
  2. Promegakaryocyte
    • large cell
    • contains 2 - 4 separate or fused nuclei
    • basophilic cytoplasm
  3. Megakaryocyte
    • Gigantic cell
    • multiple nuclei joined in a lobed mass
    • cytoplasm may be basophilic or violet
    • acidophilic cytoplasmic granules may be present
  4. Plasma cell
    • approx. same size or slightly larger than mature neutrophil
    • round, eccentric nucleus with coarse chromatin
    • pale perinuclear clear zone may be present
    • large amount of basophilic cytoplasm
    • rarely contain round cytoplasmic structures (russell bodies)
    • If russell bodies exist then it is a Mott Cell
  5. Osteoblast
    • large cell, few seen
    • may resemble plasma cell except larger and less condensed chromatin
    • eccentric round to oval nucleus
    • nucleoli may be present
    • foamy basophlic cytoplasm
    • perinuclear clear zone may be present
  6. Osteoclast
    • giant cell
    • multinucleated, nuclei are distinctly separate
    • blue cytoplasm
    • cytoplasmic granules
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