Micro Ch 4

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  1. Facilitated transport vs Active transport
  2. What is symport transport?
    Coupled transfer in which two molecules (driving ion and transported molecule) travel in the same direction.
  3. What is antiport transport?
    Coupled transport in which a molecule is actively transported in the opposite direction of the driving ion.
  4. How do photoheterotrophs get nutrients?
    they use light to break down organic compounds (such as glucose).
  5. How do lithotrophs get nutrients?
    they use inorganic molecules as a source of electrons.
  6. Who discovered lithotrophs?
    Sergei Winogradsky
  7. What is the proton motive force?
    the H+ gradient plus the charge difference.  Allows for transfer of molecules.
  8. Which bacterium convert nitrate to N2?
  9. Is facilitated diffusion active or passive transport?
  10. Multidrug efflux pumps
    they pump things (antibiotics) out of the cell before they affect the cell
  11. What are siderophores?
    specialized molecules which bind ferric ions and transport them into the cell.  
  12. What is group translocation?
    a process that uses energy to chemically alter the substrate during its transport

    ex. PEP
  13. Who was Francesco Redi?
    He showed maggots in decaying meat were offspirng of flies
  14. Who was Lazzaro Spallanzani?
    showed that a broth sterilized by boiled didn't grow microbes
  15. What did Louis Pasteur prove about spontaneous generation?
    used swan neck flasks to prevent microbes from entering. Didn't account for spores.
  16. What is the importance of biofilm?
    Biofilm is more resistant to antimicrobials
  17. What are the four steps of a bacterial growth curve?
    • Lag phase
    • Log phase
    • Stationary phase
    • Death phase
  18. What is a genus of bacteria that can make spores?

  19. When do endospores appear?
    Starvation initiates the process. Adverse conditions.
  20. What is an endospore?
    A spore that can resist heat, dessication, etc
  21. How does one kill spores?
  22. Do spores grow?
    No, but they can germinate to come out of the spore stage.
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