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  1. Location
    Where something is.
  2. Absolute Location
    • A location can be absolute (SPECIFIC) as in the coordinates of a map using longitude & latitude.
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  3. Relative Location
    • A location can be relative (approximate/around).
    • Examples:  next door, nearby, a short drive, down the road a ways.
    • OR
    • it can be in the same GENERAL location as another location.
    • Example:  next to the post office.
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  4. Place
    A place is an area that is defined by EVERYTHING in it.  All places have features that give them personality and distinguish them from other places.

    Example:  If you refer to your school as a place, then that place would include walls, windows, gym, cafeteria, classrooms, people, clothing, books, maps, mops, brooms, hallways, mice (if you have them) and everything else in the school, including the languages spoken.
  5. Region
    A region is an area that is defined by certain similar characteristics.  Those unifying or similar characteristics can be PHYSICAL, NATURAL, HUMAN, or CULTURAL.
  6. Movement
    Movement refers to the way people, products, information and ideas MOVE from one place to another.  This can be local such as how did you get to school, or it can be global as in how did humans get to North America.
  7. Human-Environment Interaction
    • Looks at the relationship between people and their environment.  It includes THREE perspectives:
    • 1.  How people adapt to their environment (Ex.:  The ancient Egyptians rebuilt their homes each year, after the annual flooding.  As time went on they built their homes above the flood plain.)
    • 2.  How people change/modify their environment (Ex.: The ancient Egyptians built irrigation ditches to help water the crops.  In modern times, Egypt built a dam to control the flood waters of the Nile River.)
    • 3.  How do people depend on their environment (Ex.:  In ancient times, the annual flooding of the Nile River produced good soil for growing crops.)
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