geo1010 exam#1

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  1. What are the attributes of Ferromagnesian silicates?
    • Dark and Heavy.
    • High in Iron and Magnesium
  2. What are the attributes of Nonferromagnesian silicates?
    • Light in color and weight
    • Low in Iron and Magnesium
  3. Name the solid, liquid, and gas portions of magma.
    • Solid- a hardened silicate mineral mix (Si02)
    • Liquid- melt
    • Gas- volatiles (10% CO2, 80% H20)
  4. how do we classify igneous rocks?
    • Texture- size,shape, and arrangment of the crystals
    • Composition- the mineral makeup of the rock
  5. Identify the 2 types of igneous rocks
    • Intrusive(plutonic)-forms underground, has large(phaneritic) crystals, cools slowly
    • Extrusive(volcanic)-forms above ground, as small(aphanitic) crystals, cools fast
  6. what are the 5 textures of igneous rocks
    • Glassy-no crystals
    • Aphanitic-small crystals
    • Phaneritic-large crystals
    • Porphryitic-small and large crystals
    • Pyroclastic-composed of volcanic fragments
  7. what are the 2 types of magma
    and how do they vary
    • felsic(granitic)
    • -high silica
    • -high viscosity(thick)
    • -low temp
    • -nonferromagnesian silicates

    • mafic(basaltic)
    • -low silica
    • -low viscosity(fluid)
    • -high temp
    • -ferromagnesian silicates
  8. define shield volcano
    • Largest
    • Composed of fluid lava flows with gently sloping sides.
    • Basaltic
  9. define cinder cone volcano
    • Smallest
    • Composed of tephra or pyroclastic materials(dust, ash, cinder, bombs)
    • Basaltic
  10. define composite volcano
    • Larger than cinder cone
    • Thick explosive magma
    • Composed of alternating lava tephra layers
    • Andesitic to Granitic
  11. What is Nuee Ardente?
    • a glowing avalanche also known as ash flow
    • it looks like a big cloud
  12. what eruptions are associated with convergent plate boundaries?
    Andesitic and Granitic
  13. how are basaltic or mafic magmas produced?
    • partial melting of upper mantle(asthenosphere)
    • divergent plate boundaries and hotspots
  14. how are andesitic/granitic magmas produced?
    • partial melting of oceanic crust and lithosphere at subduction zones
    • convergent plate boundaries
  15. What are the 5 intrusive rock bodies (plutons)
    • Batholith-huge granitic rocks often mountain bases
    • Stock-smaller than batholith
    • Dike- cuts through rock layers
    • Sills- injected between rock layers
    • Lacolith- mushroom shaped rock(pine valley)
  16. what do you call underwater lava
    Pillow Lava
  17. what are the hexagonal pillars called
    Columnor joints
  18. what are the 2 types of flow
    • pahoehoe- smooth, makes rope lava
    • aa- rough hurts to walk on, makes you say ah ah
  19. what is partial melting
    • the felsic minerals go first
    • its also called decompressional
    • its the source of basaltic magma
  20. what 3 things cause volcanoes
    • convergent plates-composite, andesitic,granitic
    • divergent plates-shield/cindercone, basaltic
    • hotspot-shield, basaltic
  21. Image Upload
    • A. Abyssal plain
    • B. Continental shelf
    • C. Continental slope
    • D. Shelf break
    • E. Continental rise
    • F. Oceanic crust
    • G. Deep-sea fan
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