Forensic Pathology: Medical Malpractice and Hospital Deaths

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  1. What is the distinction between medical risk and medical malpractice?
    differentiate a recognized complication of a medication or procedure from negligence
  2. What are the three places in which liability lies?
    • physician error
    • injury related to drug
    • injury related to medical or hospital personnel
  3. Delayed diagnosis or therapy, indicated procedures not performed, misdiagnosis, improperly performed procedure are all examples of ______ ______.
    physician error
  4. Overdose, inadequate dose, improper route of administration, allergic reaction, wrong drug, and wrong patient are all examples of ??
    injury related to drugs
  5. Improper or delay of performance of duties, misidentification of patient, delay in notifying physician of complications, and failure to properly monitor the patient are all examples of ??
    injury related to medical and hospital personnel
  6. Is medical malpractice covered in criminal or civil law?
  7. True or False: Malpractice law does not deal with intentionally unsafe acts.
  8. To prevail, the plaintiff must prove 3 things. What are they?
    • 1. That the doctor owed a duty to the plaintiff
    • 2. That the doctor breached this duty by failing to adhere to the standard of care
    • 3. This breach of duty caused injury to the patient
  9. What are the social goals of the malpractice system?
    • -to deter unsafe practices
    • -to compensate the persons injured by the negligence
    • -to exact corrective justice
  10. Who acts as the system's gatekeeper?
    the attorneys
  11. _______ _______ is what a reasonable and prudent physician would have done under the circumstances.
    Reasonable Care
  12. How can doctors avoid or defend a malpractice suit?
    • -practice defensive medicine
    • -document
    • -disclose
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