Psychology Chapter 1

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  1. Psychology
    The scientific study of mental processes and behavior 
  2. Psychiatry
    a branch of medicine cencerned with the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders
  3. Structuralism 
    Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920)

    early approach, basic parts of the conscious mind
  4. Introspection
    Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920)

    Using senses to describe in detail experiences
  5. Functionalism
    William James (1842-1910)

    Tried to dicover how the concious mind functions and helps people survive in certain environments
  6. Gestalt Psychology
    Max Wertheimer (1880-1943)

    A study on how the mind organizes stimuli into meaningful wholes
  7. Psychoanalysis
    Sigmund Freud 

    An approach to psychology that studies how human behavior is determined by hidden or uncouncious motives and desires. Focuses on dreams and early childhood trauma
  8. Behaviorism
    John Watson

    An approach to psychology that studies observable behavior rather than hidden mental processes.

    Little Albery Experiment-conditioning
  9. Humansitic Psychology
    Abraham Maslow

    An approach to psychology that emphasizes people's inborn desire for personnal growth and their ability to constantly make choices
  10. Positive Psychology
    Abraham Maslow

    A relatively new approach to psychology that studies how people find mental health and happiness in their everyday living.
  11. Cognitive Psychology
    An approach to psychology that studies how the mind organizes and makes sense of information and experiences
  12. Psychobiology
    An approach to psychology that studies how the brain and other areas of our biology influence behavior
  13. Sociocultural Psychology
    an approach to psychology that studies how social surroundings and culture shape thinking and behavior
  14. Individualism
    A philosophy of life stressing that the individual is more important than the group
  15. Collectivism
    A philosophy of life stressing that group is more important the the individual
  16. Research Specialties
    Biospychology, developmental, experimental, cognitive, personaltiy, and social psychologies
  17. Applied Specialties
    Clinical, counseling, idustrial-organizational, and educational and school psychologies

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