Module 2

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  1. Oxygen(O)
    • 65% of total body mass
    •  Part of water and many organic (carbon-containing) molecules.
  2. Carbon(C)
    • 18%
    •  Forms back bone chains and rings of all organic molecules; carbohydrates, lipids (fats), proteins, and nucleic acids.
  3. Hydrogen(H)
    • 9.5%
    •  Consitutent of water and most organic molecules; ionized form (H+) makes body fluids more acidic.
  4. Nitrogen(N)
    •  3.2%
    •  component of all proteins and nucleic acids.
  5. Calcium(Ca)
    Strengthes bones, iodized form of(Ca++), needed for blood clotting,release of hormones , and contraction of muscles.
  6. Phosphorus(P)
     component of nucleic acid and ATP (molecules used to  store chemicalenergy), required for normal bone and tooth structure.
  7. Potassium(K)
     Ionized form of (K+) is mostplentiful caution(positively-charged Particals), inside cells; needed for nerve activity.
  8. Sulfur(S)
     Component of some vitamins and many proteins.
  9. Sodium(Na)

      Always together
    • Na
    •   Ionized for of (Na+) is the most plentiful cation in extracelluar fluid. essential for maintaining water balance, needed for nerve activity.

    • Cl.
    •   Ionized form of (Cl-) anion(- charged partical) in extracellular fluid; essential for maintaining watter balance.
  10. Manesium(Mg)
    Ionized forms (Mg++)needed for many enzymes (oxygen-carry protein in red blood cells) and some emzymes.
  11. Iron(Fe)
    Ionized forms (Fe++ and Fe+++) are part of hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells) and some enzymes .
  12. Trace elements
    Aluminum(Al),  boron(B), chromium(Cr), cobalt(Co), copper(Cu), fluorine(F), iodine(I), maganese(Mn), and zinc(Zn).
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