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  1. Declaration of Rights and Grievances
    Document prepared to protest the Stamp Act
  2. English Bill of Rights
    Served as the model for the 1st 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
  3. Magna Carta
    1st document to limit the absolute power of the monarch
  4. Royal Colony
    directly ruled by the king
  5. Power of the Purse
    colonial legislatures used this to control the royal governer
  6. Repealed
    withdrawn or canceled
  7. Bicameral
    Two-house legislature
  8. Great Charter
    Magna Carta
  9. Confederation
    Joining of several groups for a common purpose
  10. Stamp Act Congress
    formed to dispute the Stamp Act
  11. Jamestown
    1st permanent colony
  12. Proprietary
    PA, MD, & DE were these type of colonies
  13. Delegates
    Representatives to a meeting.
  14. Benjamin Franklin
    Writer of the Albany Plan of Union
  15. Representatice Government
    Government should server the will of the people
  16. Limited Government
    Government has limitations and people have certain rights that cannot be taken away
  17. Thomas Jefferson
    Main author of the declaration of independence
  18. Second Continental Congress
    1st government of the U.S. 
  19. Charles I
    forced to sign the Petition of Right
  20. Intolerable Acts
    Harsh laws imposed by king to punish the colonies for the Boston Tea Party, ect.
  21. Popular Sovereignty
    Government can exist only with the consent of the governed
  22. Charter Colonies
    Charter given directly to the colonies themselves
  23. George III
    King who turned the relationship w/ the colonies sour.
  24. Charter
    Written grant of authority fromt he king
  25. William Penn
    He was given a charter for PA
  26. Law
    One of the major things that England got from the Romans
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