windows 7 chapt 4

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  1. the__ partion contains hardware-related files that comp. uses to start
  2. the__partion contain the operating system files, which are stored in windows folder
  3. the__is a command-line utility that contain a sperset of commands that the disk management snap-in supports
    disk part
  4. __reduces the efficiency of the disk becasue it forces the drive to relocate its head many times to read a single file as it spread throught a volume.
  5. __is a piece of software that is used for a dece to function and communicate with windows 7
    device driver
  6. by default windows 7 standard users are permitten to install plug and play devices only if ther drivers are?
    digitally signed
  7. the debilitating condition in which files are stored as clusters scattered all over a disk is call?
  8. the file system included in windows 7 that is specifically designed for use on a flash drives is call?
  9. technically speaking you creat your creat ? and basic disks and ? on dynamic disks
    partions and volumes
  10. in windows 7 the ? file system is limited the volumes no larger than 32 gigabres
    fat 32
  11. to extend or shrink a partion on a baic disk you must be a member of the ? or ? group
    administrators , back up operator
  12. all digitally signed drivers hace undegone ? testin
  13. default partion style used in windows 7
  14. largest disk mbr supports
    2 tb
  15. max # of primary partions that mbr supports
  16. largest disk that gpt supports
    18 eb
  17. to supporth gpt what comp. architecture does your comp need to support
  18. type of disk uses primary partions extended partions and logical drives to organize data?
    basic disk
  19. what type of disk supports an unlimited # of volumes?
    dynamic disk
  20. what volume supports is based on raid0
    striped volume
  21. max # of volumes u can assing to striped volume?
  22. preferred file system used in windows 7
  23. main tool or utility that you use to manage your disk
    disk mangement
  24. quickest way to access the disk mangement console?
    use computer management console
  25. what used to determine a signed driver has been altered?
    a signed driver uses a checksum
  26. not a requirement to shrimk a basic disk partion
    the volume is ntfs
  27. u installed a new device for ur scanner n now scanne does not funtion wha should u do
    roll back the driver
  28. primary tool to manage devices and teir drivers?
    device manager
  29. what do u call a device driver that includes a digital signature that ensures that the device driver come from authemtic publusher
    signed driver
  30. too to search for and fix disk errors
    check disk
  31. too to use to defragment your volumes by recopyng fragmented filesto contiguous space ont he disk?
    disk defragmenatation
  32. starting to run out of free disk space on a drice what tool can u sue to free up some disk space?
    disk clean up
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