Vocabulary Lesson 1

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  1. Bewail
    v. To express deep regret or sorrow for.
  2. Destitute
    • adj. 1. Without resources or possessions, especially the necessities of life.
    • 2. Lacking; devoid of
    • Destitution n.
  3. Detract
    • v. To take away, especially from the value, beauty, or importance.
    • Detractor n.
  4. Emancipate
    • v. To set free from slavery; to liberate.
    • Emancipation n.
  5. Extol
    v. To praise highly.
  6. Flamboyant
    • adj. Excessively showy; unrestrained
    • Flamboyance/cy
    • n.
  7. Impetus
    • n.1. A driving force; anything that causes an action.
    • 2. Increased activity resulting from a driving force.
  8. Insuperable
    adj. Incapable of being overcome or defeated.
  9. Intermittent
    adj. Not continuous; happening at intervals.
  10. Maxim
    n. A general truth or rule of conduct; a short saying
  11. Obligatory
    adj. Required or demanded.
  12. Plumb
    • v. 1. To measure the depth of water.
    • 2. To reach the deepest part of.
    • 3. To understand by examing closely;to solve
    • adj. Straight up and down; vertical.
  13. Vagabond
    • n. A person who wanders from place to place.
    • adj.
  14. Visage
    n. A face, especially one that expresses feeling
  15. Wheedle
    • v. 1. To coax by using sly persuasion or insincere praise
    • 2. To gain by using sly persuasion or insincere praise.

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