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  1. 「てん」
  2. 工夫する

    to solve, figure out
  3. dream
  4. 将来

    (near) future
  5. 王様

  6. 皇族

    imperial family, royalty
  7. つぼみ
    bud, flower
  8. 発車する

    depart a vehicle
  9. からかう
    to ridicule, tease, poke fun at
  10. 結果

    result, outcome, effect
  11. 事情

    circumstances, situation, conditions, reasons
  12. 連れてくる
    to bring someone along
  13. 馬鹿(な)

  14. 適切(な)

    pertinent, appropriate, adequate, relevant
  15. 〜っぽい
    -ish; like
  16. ごく
    quite, very
  17. 出てくる

    to come out, to appear, to turn up, to emerge
  18. 全国

    whole country
  19. 争う

    to compete;quarrel, argue, dispute
  20. 名字/苗字

    family name (like, the word for a family name)
  21. 恩師

    one's honoured/former teacher
  22. なんと
    what, how, whatever
  23. 満員

    full house
  24. 仲間

  25. 利点

  26. 生かす

    to make (the best) use of; to leverage (skills, experience, etc.)
  27. 日々

    every day; daily; day after day
  28. 励む

    to endeavor; to strive; to make an effort
  29. 素敵(な)

    superb, wonderful
  30. 印象づける

    to impress (someone)
  31. 表現する

    to express, present
  32. 参考

    reference, consultation

  33. 「ひょう」
    table, chart, list
  34. 思いつく

    to hit upon, to think of, to come into one's mind
  35. 調査する

    to investigate, examine
  36. 記事

  37. 〜位

    ~rank, place
  38. 保険

    insurance, guarantee
  39. 発表する

    to announce
  40. 放送する

    to broadcast
  41. 以来

    since, henceforth
  42. 〜離れ

    seperation from ~, independence from ~
  43. 傾向

    tendency, trend, inclination
  44. 歯止め

    restraint, check, self-imposed limit
  45. 連続する

    to continue, occur in succession
  46. 首位

    first place, head position
  47. 閉塞感

    locked-up feeling, feeling of entrapment, being in a bind
  48. 漂う

    to be unsteady, unstable; drift, float
  49. 〜に向かう

    to face
  50. 羽ばたく

    to flap (wings)
  51. 願い

    wish, request, prayer, desire
  52. 〜杯

    counter for boats, octopuses and squid
  53. 大会

    mass meeting
  54. 〜強

    a little more than, a little over
  55. 代表

    representation, model
  56. 活躍する

    to play an active role in
  57. 〜にちなむ
    to be associated (with); to be connected (with)
  58. 上昇する

    to rise, ascend, climb
  59. 食い込む「くいこむ」
    to cut into, dig into; to encroach

  60. 「まつ」
  61. 同社

    the same company
  62. 契約する

    to make a contract/compact/agreement
  63. 被保険者

    insured person
  64. 対象

    target; object (of study etc.), subject
  65. 実施する

    to enforce, implement, put into practice, enact
  66. 集計する

    to total, tally
  67. 昨年

    last year
  68. 順位

    order, rank, position (e.g. in a race)
  69. 主(な)

    chief, main, principal, important
  70. 認知する

    to acknowledge, recognize, cognizise
  71. すると
    thereupon, hereupon
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