Crime scene vocab

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  1. Disaggregated
    To separate into its component parts
  2. subsequent
    coming later or after; succeding
  3. Panacea
    An answer or solution to all problems or difficulties
  4. Equivocal
    of doubtful nature; questionable
  5. Impervious
    not permitting passage; incapable of being affected
  6. scrutiny
    A searching examination or investigation
  7. deter
    to prevent
  8. paramount
    chief importance or impact
  9. enumerates
    to mention seperately as if counting; specify as in a list
  10. infallible
    incapable of error
  11. ameliorating
    improve; help; better
  12. solidification
    to make secure
  13. imminent
    ready to take place
  14. contingent
    dependent on or conditioned by something else
  15. incredulous
    skeptical; disbelief
  16. extemporaneous
    uttered at the spur of the moment
  17. evisceration
    to remove an organ from a patient; disembowel
  18. ambient
    existing or present
  19. corroborate
    To make more certain; confirm
  20. Admissible
    Allowable; capable or worthy of being admitted
  21. discernible
    recognizable; distinguishable
  22. pertinent
  23. sacrosanct
    most sacred or holy
  24. innocuous
    producing no injury; harmless
  25. contemporaneous
    occcuring during the same time
  26. privy
    admitted as one sharing a secret
  27. Preliminary
  28. caveat
    a warning or caution
  29. autonomous
  30. apprised
  31. hierarchy
    any system of persons or things ranked one above another
  32. impasse
  33. promulgate
    proclaim; declare
  34. ambiguous
    capable of being understood in two or more possible senses
  35. callousness
    feeling no emotion; feeling or showing no sympathy
  36. counterintuitive
    Contrary or opposite to what one would expect
  37. Asphyxia
    lack of oxygen
  38. postulate
    to assume or claim as true; presume
  39. delving
    to make a careful or detailed search for information
  40. cumbersome
  41. myriad
    a great number
  42. refute
    to prove wrong
  43. recidivism
    a tendency to relapse into a previous conditionor mode of behavior
  44. preclude
    to rule out in advance
  45. brusque
    abrupt; blunt
  46. stringent
    strict; tight; rigid
  47. surreptitious
  48. furtive
    sly, sneaky
  49. indigent
    suffering from extreme poverty
  50. invoke
    to put into effect; implement

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Crime scene vocab
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Crime scene vocab

Crime scene vocab
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