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  1. How do you explain siumilarties between ANE wisdom literature and biblical texts?
    Commonality of the subjects discussed.
  2. What are the main differences between ANE and hebrew wisdom
    "View of God, creation and mankind (Prov 1:7)"
  3. define wisdom
    wisdom is the discipline of applying truth to one's life in light of experience
  4. wisdom is not primarily an intellectual assest but as a ____
    skill for life
  5. what are the traditional wisdom literature books?
    "Job, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs"
  6. how hebrew and ANE wisdom different on creation?
    "Chaos, vs. created, ordered purposeful"
  7. what's the goal of wisdom literature?
    1) formation of chacter 2) living in harmony w G's creation 3) fear of the lord
  8. name 3 priciples of interpreting proverbs
    "1) memorable, not technically precise, 2) generally true priciples 3) should be read in context"
  9. what is parallelism?
    nature of the relationship between 2 paralell lines in Hebrew poetry
  10. name 2 reasons why paralellism is used
    1) emphasise contrast 2) express harmony
  11. how is the English title of Ecclesiastes derived?
    ecclesia - someone who brings the assmebly togther
  12. what does Qohelt mean?
    words of the teacher
  13. what role does Qohelet play in Ecclesiastes?
    person the author is quoting
  14. what's the date of Eccesiastes if you accept Solomonic authoriship?
    950 BC
  15. what's the date of Ecclesiastes if no Solomonic authorithip?
    500-200 BC
  16. when was Eccesiastes officially accpted into canon?
    counncil of Jamnia 90 AD
  17. name 3 problems with the structure of ecclesiastes
    1) apparent hereitcal statements 2) apparent contraditions 3) no sustained thematic development
  18. name 3 approaches to structural difficules
    1) multiple authors 2) confused thinker 3) unmarked quotations
  19. what's the pessimisitc view of ecc?
    """good as it gets"", make the best of it"
  20. what is optimistic view of ecc?
    fpcues on positive statements. Eccl is Hopeful but optimistic too far
  21. what is the deistic view of Ecc?
    written from a deistic perspective
  22. what is existentialist view of Ecc?
    "humans create their own meaning, no real meaning. Some truth, but not like post-modern view b/c meaning comes from G"
  23. what is REALISTIC view of Ecc?
    help us lean to live with tentions of the positive and negative points in book
  24. what is the theme of Ecc?
    all is hebel
  25. name 5 things which are hebel
    1) Toil 2) Wisdom 3) Righteouesnss 4) Wealth 6) youth
  26. what is the purpose of ecc? Cite a scripture
    "fear God and keep his commandments, he will bring every act to judgment. Ecc 12:13-14"
  27. What is the literal meaning of Hebel?
  28. what are the 5 ways hebel is used in Eccl?
    1) Futile 2) Absurd 3) Transient 4) Enigma 5) Foulness
  29. what does yiton mean?
  30. why is yitron significant?
    Qohelt arguments nothing we produce will last / no project
  31. what are the 5 clues for reading Eccl
    "1) Read the end of the book first 2) Realize that ""vanity"" not always vanity 3) Drop expectation of a single plot 4) Recognize tention between wisdom teaching and experience 5) Is early book, primitive understanding of after-life"
  32. what is the driving question of Eccl
    what advantage does man have for all his work under the sun (1:3)
  33. what does TOIL mean in Ecc?
    "anxious, painful work"
  34. "what does ""under the son"" mean?"
    during one's lifetime
  35. what are the 3 illustrations of no lasting profit in 1:3-11?
    1) Nature 2) Human Activity 3) Human Existence
  36. "what does ""nothing new under the son mean?"""
    nothing categorically new
  37. "summarize 1:3-11. ""A generate comes and goes´┐Żnothing new under the sun"""
    "despite all the activity, there is apparently no lasting profit"
  38. what does chasint the win mean?
    "lot of activity, but not accomlishing anything"
  39. "what does ""what is crocked cannot be straighted mean?"
    human labor or wisdom can't change a world under G's judgment
  40. What's the conclusion of Qohelet's investigation?
    "search for wisdom heavy burden, chasing after the wind"
  41. why does Qohelt say wisdom brought him pain?
    more exposed to what's going on in real life - ministry is messy
  42. II Investigation
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