Med Words breakdown 1

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  1. Amenorrhe:
    Without Period or Menses
  2. Anovulatory
    Ovaries not ovulating
  3. BiLateral
    Both Sides
  4. Bradycardia
    Slow heart rate
  5. Bradyarrhythmia
    Slow, irregular heartbeat
  6. Circumferential
    Around the outside
  7. Dysfunctional
    Difficult or painful menstration
  8. Exocervix
    Part of the Cervix, away from the Uterus
  9. Endocervix
    Inner part of the Cervix, within the Uterus
  10. Hypertension
    Excessive or High Blood Pressure
  11. Hyperemesis
    Excessive Vomitting
  12. Hypotensive
    Low or below normal blood pressure
  13. Infraumbilical
    Below or beneth the Umbilicas
  14. Multiloculated
    Multiple or many spaces of tumors or cysts
  15. Oliguria
    Scanty, inadequate amount of urine production
  16. Oligomenorrhea
    Scanty menstrual flow
  17. Paraovarian
    Beside an Ovary
  18. Pericardial
    Around the heart
  19. Periurethral
    Around the opening of the Urethra
  20. Polydipsia
    Excessive thirst (sympton of diabetes)
  21. Polyuria
    Excessive urination
  22. Pseudocyst
    Resembling a cyst, but not a cyst
  23. Subcostal
    Beneth or under the ribs
  24. Subumbilical
    Area beneth or under the Umbilicus
  25. DiSection
    To cut or slice into Two Parts
  26. Intravenous
    Within a Vein, Injection within a Vein
  27. Intramuscular
    Injection into a Muscle
  28. Macroscopic
    Large enough to be seen with the naked eye
  29. Perioperative
    Period of time around or during an operative procedure
  30. Postnatal
    After or following giving birth
  31. Postoperative
    Period of time Following an operative procedure
  32. Prenatal
    Period of time before giving birth
  33. Tachycardia
    Rapid or Fast heart rate
  34. Antiinflamitory
    Agent opposing or fighting inflamation
  35. Contraindication
    To be avoided
  36. Neoplasia
    Condition of New or Recent (cell) growth)
  37. Neoplasm
    New or Recent growth, wich could be a cyst or tumor
  38. Tonsillitis
    Inflamation of Tonsils
  39. Bronchitis
    Inflamation of the Bronchus
  40. Carcinoma
  41. Neuropathy
    Disease process of the nervous system.
  42. Anemia
    Low hemoglobin in blood
  43. Colostomy
    Artificial Opening into the colon
  44. Dyspnea
    Difficult or painful breathing
  45. Erythrocyetes
    Red Blood Cells
  46. Gastrodynia
    Stomach Pain
  47. Hemorrhage
    Excessive flow of blood
  48. Hepatomegaly
    Enlargement of the liver
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