chapter 13

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  1. academic degree
    a title conferred by a college, university, or professional school upon completion of a program of study
  2. amiable
    having qualities that make one liked and easy to deal with
  3. annotating
    furnishing with notes that are usually crititcal or explanatory
  4. archived
    to have filed or collected records or documents
  5. bond
    a durable formal paper use for documents
  6. categorically
    placed in a specific division of a system of classification
  7. clauses
    group of words containing a subject and predicate and functioning as a member of a complex or compound sentence
  8. collect on delivery (COD)
    a method of payment used when an article or item is delivered and payment is expected before it is released
  9. concise
    expressing much in brief form
  10. condescending
    assuming an air of superiority
  11. continuation page
     the second and following pages of a letter
  12. curt
    marked by rude or peremptory shortness
  13. disseminate
    to disperse throughout
  14. domesitc mail
    mail sent within the boundaries of the United States and its territories
  15. editing
    to prepare for publication or public presnetation to alter, adapt or refine
  16. flush
    directly abutting or immediately adfacent, having no indention
  17. girth
    a measure around a body or an item
  18. grammer
    the studey of the classes of words their inflections and relations in the sentence
  19. international mail
    mail that is sent outside the boundaries of the USA and its territories
  20. intrinsic
    belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing , indwelling , inward
  21. pharases
    groups of words with a specific grammatical function such as a noun pharse or an adjective pharse
  22. portfolio
    a set of pictures , drawings , documents or photograhps
  23. ream
    a quantity of paper wighing 20lb or consiting of variously 480, 500, or 516 sheets
  24. recipient
    the receiver of some thing or item
  25. stationers
    sellers of stationery
  26. substance number
    • . a number based on the weight of a ream 500 sheets ( 17x 22inch paper)
    • . the lager the number the heavier the paper
    • . common weights are 16, 20 and 24 lb.
  27. superfluous
    exceeding what is sufficient or nessessary
  28. template
    something that establishes or serves as a pattern
  29. watermark
    a marking in paper resulting from differences in thickness usually produced by the pressure of a projecting design in the mold
  30. nouns
    . a person, place or thing and can also be thoughts, ideas or concepts.

    . proper nouns are specific

    exampes: freedom, bank, Mrs. Adams, Dallas
  31. pronouns
    replace nouns , provide writer with shortcuts so that proper nouns are not constantly repeated

    examples: he, she, it , us , they
  32. verbs
    . are action words that express movement

    . linking verbs express a condition or state of

    examples: runs, drove , typed

    linking verbs: is , am , are , was be been
  33. adjectives
    • . describe nouns and pronouns
    • . may show wich one, how many , what kind

    examples: goldne , mangy, crooked

    Articles: a, an , the
  34. adverbs
    • . describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs
    • . specify when , where to what extent or how

    examples: unusually , never, quite
  35. prepositions
    . connecting words that show a realtionship between nouns, pronouns or other words in a sentence

    examples: by, from, of , to , in , at , with , into, on
  36. conjunctions
    . join words or phrases

    examples: and , or , nor but
  37. all written communications should be
    • . professional
    • . accurate
    • . complete
    • . effective in getting across the intended message
  38. public relations tool
    • . public relations tells the organization's story
    • . presents the organization in the best possible light
    • . communicates all of the aspects of the  business
  39. types of sentences
    • . declarative
    • . interrogatory
    • . imperative
    • . exclamatory
  40. three basic patterns
    • . subject-predicate
    • . suject-object
    • . subject-complement
  41. the main error in sentences
    • . sentence fragment
    • . run-on sentence
    • . comma splice
  42. scanner
    • . provide high resolution
    • . produce images of written text and documents
    • . can be used to store documents more efficiently than with paper copies
  43. equipment
    • . computers
    • . copiers
    • . scanners
    • . printers
  44. stationery paper two types
    • . all sulfite ( wood pulp)
    • . all-cotton fiber (rag)

    paper quality affects the impact of the communication on the reader
  45. sizes and types of letterhead paper
    . standard of letter: 8½ x 11 inches

    . Monarch or Executive 8¼ x 10½ inches

    . Baronial 5½ x 8½ inches

    . Legal 8½ x 14 inches
  46. envelopes basic sizes
    . No 10 general business size

    . No 6¾ often used for statements

    . window 
  47. letter styles
    . block

    . Modified block or standard

    . Modified block indented

    . Simplified
  48. Block letter style
    . all lines flush to the left margin

    . very efficient

    . less attractive
  49. Modified block letter style
    . dateline, complimentary closing, and typewritten signature all begin at the center

    . all other lines begin flush with the left margin
  50. Modified block with indented paragraphs
    identical to block except that the first line of each paragrah is indented five spaces
  51. Simplified
    . all lines flush with the left margin

    . salutation replaced with all-capital subject line on the third line below the subject line

    . omit the complimentary closing

    . enter all-capital typewritten signature belwo the body of the letter
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