en101 vocab2

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  1. infer
    to drive as a conclusion from facts or premies; to guss; to surmise
  2. esthetic
    (from Gk. verb beaning "to perceive") relating to or dealing with the beautiful; responsive to or zealous about the beautiful.
  3. franchise
    a consitutional or statutory right or privilege, especially the right to vote
  4. vindictive
    disposed to seek revenge; spiteful
  5. diffusion
    (L. dis-, apart + fundere,  to pour) dispersion; dissemination
  6. facilitate
    to make easier
  7. disseminate
    (L. dis-, apart + seminare,to sow) to spread abroad as though sowing seed
  8. buffer
    any of various devices or pieces of material for reducing shock due to contact; something lying between two larger rival powers
  9. asylum
    Gk. asulos, inviolable, from a-, without + sule, right of seizure) an invoilable place of refuge and protection--sanctuary; protection form arrest and extradition given especially to political refugees
  10. scion
    a descendant, child, esp. one of royal stock; a detached living portion of a plant joined to a stock in grafting
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