body structure ch.2 medterm

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  1. adhesion
    band of scar tissue binding anatomical surfaces that are normally separate from each other
  2. inflammation
    protective response of body tissues to irritation, infection, or allergy
  3. sepsis
    body's inflammatory response to infection in which there is fever, elevated heart and respiratory rate, and low blood pressure
  4. endoscopy
    visual examination of the interior of organs and cavities with a specialized lighted instrument called an endoscope
  5. fluoroscopy
    radiographic procedure that uses a fluorescent screen instead of a photographic plate to produce a visual image from x-rays that pass through the patient, resulting in continuous imaging of the motion of internal structures and immediate serial images
  6. tomography
    radiographic technique that produces a film representing a detailed cross-section of tissue structure at a predetermined depth
  7. computed tomography (CT) scan
    narrow beam of x-rays with a contrast medium (provides more detail) or without a contrast medium that targets a specific organ or body area to produce multiple cross-sectional images for detecting such pathological conditions as tumors or metastases
  8. positron emission tomography (PET) scan
    nuclear imaging study that combines CT with radiopharmaceuticals to produce a cross-sectional image of radioactive disperrsements in a section of the body to reveal the areas where the radiopharmaceutical is being metabolized and where there is a deficiency in metabolism; useful in evaluating Alzheimer disease and epilepsy
  9. single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scan
    nuclear imaging study that scans organs after injection of a radioactive tracer and employs a specialized gamma camera that detects emitted radiotion to produce a 3-dimensional image from a composite of numerous views; used to show how blood flows to an organ and helps determine how well it is functioning
  10. ultrasonography (US)
    imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) that bounce off body tissues and are recorded to produce an image of an internal organ or tissue
  11. anterior
    toward the front of the body, organ, or structure
  12. anteroposterior
    pertaining to the front and back fo the body or passing from the front to the back of the body
  13. inferior
    pertaining to below, lower, or toward the tail
  14. scan
    process of using a moving device or a sweeping beam of radiation to produce images of an internal area, organ, or tissue of the body
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