Math 1050

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  1. What is a constant?

    a number that stands aloneImage Upload
  2. What is an algebraic expression?

    Give an example
    Combination of variables, constants, grouping symbols and mathematical operations.

    addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponents.Image Upload
  3. How do you evaluate an Algebraic expression?

    Give an example
    Substitute with a # for each varImage Upload
  4. What is a number?

    Give an example
    Something(#,Var, product of constant) raised to a power.

    Image Upload
  5. Whats a coefficient?

    Give an example
    Coefficient of a term is the numeral factor of the term (# n front of var)

    • Coefficient of 14=14
    • Image Upload
  6. Whats a like term?

    Give an example of one that is and is not a like term
    Like term: Term with the same var and exponent
  7. Image Upload
  8. Distributive Property

    If a, b, and c are real numbers then

    Give an example
    • a(b+c)=a x b + a x c
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  9. How do you simplify an Algebraic expression

    Give an example
    • 1. remove ( ) using distributive property
    • 2. Combine like termsImage Upload
  10. What is Algebra?
    letters/symbols rep #'s quantities in equations

    Image Upload
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