chapter 2

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  1. son of apollo is
  2. aesculapius is a common medical icon it's a
    serpent encircling a staff and signifies the art of healing. it's the symbol of medicine. the peeling of the snake means birth and renewal and the staff is the symbol of athority. the art of healing
  3. hermes is
    the messenger of gods is the caduceus
  4. caduceus
    is a staff encircled by two serpents with wings at the top. consider to have magical powers. the two serpent created peace. This icon is the medical insignia of the U.S army medical corps
  5. what is a myth
    a message that has an important social or religious meaning
  6. public health
    Moses was the first public health officer. prevents epidemics and promote health behavior and wellness and responds to disasters
  7. medical terminology comes from
    greek and roman mythology and arabic, anglo-saxon, german and biblical sources
  8. who was atlas
    he bore the heavens on his shoulders and this name has been given to the first cervical vertebrea
  9. achilles heel is
    used to indicate a weakness of some sort
  10. hippocrates was the
    father of medicine. he wrote the hipppocratic oath which is administered to medical school graduates even today. the view of medicine was based on scientific evidence
  11. galen prince of physicians
    wrote more than 500 treatises on medically related subjects. much of his information was inaccurate because it was based on the dissection of apes and pigs not humans. teachings were truthful only on humans
  12. abraham flexner
    flexner report. studied medical schools and determined which ones offered the highest quality of education.
  13. andreas vesalius
    father of modern anatomy
  14. gabriele fallopiuis
    fallopian tubes in the female
  15. william harvey
    discovered that the heart acts as a muscular pump." medical shakespeare"
  16. anton van leeuwenhoek
    discovered the magnification process was the first to obsereve bacteria and protozoa through a lens
  17. marcello malpighi
    used the microscope. was the first histologist
  18. john hunter
    founder of scientific surgery. introduced artificial feeding into the stomach through a tube. pioneered tissue transfer
  19. edward jenner
    gave the first vaccination
  20. leopold auenbrugger
  21. rene laennec
    developed the stethoscope
  22. lgnaz philipp semmelweis
    savior of mother fought the puerperal fever
  23. louis pasteur
    pasteurization destroying microorganisms
  24. joseph lister
    father of sterile surgery
  25. eilhelm roentgen
    discovered x-rays
  26. florence nightngale
    founder of nursing. "lady of the lamp"
  27. clara barton
    founder of the red cross
  28. occupational therapists
    work with patients who have developed conditions that disable the developmentally emotionally , mentally or physically
    U.S army medical research institue of infectious diseases
  30. DHHS
    department of health and human services
  31. ICD9
    used to identify diseases and conditions using a specific code number
  32. WHO
    world health organization
  33. accreditation
    the process which an organization is recognized for adherence to a group of standards that meet or exceed expectations of the accrediting agency
  34. advent
    coming into begin or use
  35. allopathic
    alternative to  mainstream medicine
  36. ambulatory
    able to walk about and not be bedridden
  37. amenities
     things that contribute to comfor , enjoyment
  38. chiopractic
    a medical discipline that focuses on the nervous system and involve manual adjustments of the vertebral column
  39. cited
    quoted by way of example
  40. contamination
    the process something is made impure
  41. fermentation
    enzymatically controlled transformation of an organic compound
  42. homeopathy
    to stimulate the body to recover itself
  43. holistic
    related to all the body systems rather than breaking them down into parts
  44. triage
    identification of the severity of patients conditions
  45. philanthropist
    an individual who makes an active effort to promote human welfare
  46. naturopathy
    the uses of herbs and natural supplements
  47. innocuous
    having no effects, adverse or otherwise harmless
  48. elizabeth blackwell
    the first woman who received a degree as a medical doctor in the united states
  49. PHS
    public health services
  50. HIV
    human immunodeficiency virus
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