Articles of Confederation- 1

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  1. What type of new government did congress set up?
    Central government and the state governments shared fundamental powers (federalism)
  2. What did the delegates call this never form of government?
    Confederation, or alliance 
  3. Some states had what type of claims?
    Western land 
  4. States without land claims refused to approve the Articles of Confederation until?
    The states with western land claims gave their land to the central government 
  5. What was the central government rich in?
  6. What did congress have to decide to do with?
    Northwest territory 
  7. What was the Land Ordinance of 1785? Where did it start?
    • Established a plan for surveying the land
    • Starting southeast of Ohio, moving west
  8. What was the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
    • Provided a procedure for diving the land into no less than 3 nor more than 5 territories
    • Also set requirements for the admission of new states, no slavery 
  9. What branch did congress only have?
    Legislative- make laws 
  10. Under the Articles, congress had the power to?
    • Declare war
    • Make peace
    • Sign treaties
    • Borrow money
    • Est standards for coins and weight/ measure
    • Est postal service 
    • Deal with Native Americans 
  11. What were weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
    • Congress could not enact and collect taxes
    • Congress could not regulate interstate or foreign trade
    • Each state had only 1 vote in congress, regardless of population
    • 9 out of 13 states needed to agree to pass any laws
    • Articles could be amended only if all states approved
    • There was no executive branch to enforce the laws of congress
    • There was no national court system to settle legal disputes
    • 13 separate states that lacked national unity
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