306- Intro to Pharm (Wrap-up)

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  1. 5 Rights to medication administration:
    • right patient
    • right drug
    • right dose
    • right route
    • right time
  2. Medication Errors:
    medication to the wrong patient, giving the wrong drug, giving the wrong dose, giving it by the wrong route, or giving at the wrong time
  3. Symptoms of allergic reaction:
    itching, hives, swelling rash, shortness of breath, wheezing, tightness of chest, swelling of lips and tongue, stuffy nose, redness and swelling of eyes. It may include anaphylaxis- rapid onset and potentially life threatening
  4. Facts of IV medications
    • *Parenteral medication
    • *Faster than Oral
    • *Exert their effects as they circulate through the blood
  5. Lab Testing
    *Can be done to evaluate the concentration of medications in the blood. The test done to evaluate the highest plasma concentration of a drug is called the peak level of a drug
  6. Oral Medications
    • *Can be given in various forms.
    • *One type of pill is an enteric coated pill. It cannot be crushed or cut. It must remain intact so that it is not destroyed by the acids in the stomach.
  7. Cultural Assessment:
    *Aspects including beliefs about healing, medication use and previous practices, and religious beliefs and practices
  8. What should a nurse do if an order by physician is difficult to read
    The health care provider must be called or contacted to clarify or verify the order. Do not second guess what you think an order states.
  9. If a patient thinks that a pill you are going to administer is different than what he/she takes at home, the nurse should....
    The first action is to review the order before giving it.
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