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  1. Marriage can be the most __________ of human relationships.
  2. In a grown-up marriage, we understand that we aren't each other's _______, parent, of home-improvement project.
    teacher, editor, supervisor
  3. In a grown-up marriage we gradually acquire rueful tolerance of each other's ____________.
    limitations and imperfections.
  4. In a grown-up marriage we recognize we don't always have to ____________.
    be in love with each other
  5. In a grown-up marriage we learn to ____________.
    forgive and forget.
  6. For most womenof my generation, earning a living was something a woman aspired to ____________.
    be relieved from
  7. We married because, for a woman, there was no ____________.
    higher attainment
  8. In the late 50s, men were brought up in a culture that equated becoming a man with ____________.
    settling down
  9. There were plenty of reasons ____________ back in my day.
    to marry
  10. Now the state of ____________ isn't the disaster it used to be.
  11. Divorce occurs more often in____________.
    second marriages
  12. Those now considering marriage seem a lot more ____________ than my generation was.
  13. The women of my generation were looking for ____________ companions.
    lifetime not slice of life
  14. ____________ required premarital and predivorce counseling.
    Covenant marriage
  15. The point of covenant marriage is to make ____________ much harder.
  16. People who choose to live together are ____________ than those who don't.
    less traditional
  17. Marriage remains a ____________ for most men and women.
    desirable goal
  18. Compared to cohabitating couples, married couples have better sex, ____________, longer lives, shorter ____________, more money, and less ____________.
    • greater happiness
    • shorter hospital stays
    • less anxiety and depression
  19. ____________ may be more life-threatening than heart disaese or cancer.
  20. In the heat of love, youngsters may not notice they have ____________ on important matters, may not worry if their lover will be a good ____________, or ____________ down the road.
    • different views
    • partner
    • good person
  21. We marry ____________ for the discontents and disappointments.
  22. We get to know each other's ____________ in dozens of daily living-together matters,
    irritating habits
  23. How infuriating to live with a spouse who does things ____________.
    in a different way that (in our opinion) is clearly wrong
  24. Marriage presents us with a cold, clear view of our spouse's ____________.
    unadorned self
  25. Bait and switch: displaying before marriage certain ____________ qualities that turn into someting quite different afterwards.
  26. When men ____________ they know how to hide their less desirable traits.
    come a'courting
  27. Most people hoping to beguile a future mate don't rush to reveal the ____________ about themselves.
  28. The expectations we bring into marriage can set us up for ____________.
    serious disappointment
  29. One of the main ways we (husband and wife) can be divided is by the ____________.
  30. In the cold light of marrage, what looked like ____________ may start to look like incompatible.
  31. We ask more of marriage than marriage can ____________.
    give us
  32. We idealize the ____________.
    person we marry
  33. Love does not preclude ____________.
  34. CH 3
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