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  1. principles of sociology
    • started in france 
    • attempt to understand the french revolution
  2. durkeim
    • understanding suicide
    • he felt that martial status made a difference and religious reasons or even age gender and employment
    • moved to germany; cant make money off land anymore so they need jobs
  3. suicide
    • it is by choice but there are other factors involved also
    • 1. religion: Protestants are more likely to commit suicide than catholics
    • 2. Age: people in middle age are most likely to commit suicide
    • 3. gender: men are more likely to commit suicide
  4. Karl Marx (1818-1883)
    • german political scientist; invented communism; looked at people who used to work and the change that was happening
    • Believed as societies modernized they become more capatalistic
  5. Capitalism
    the worker works and makes the product, then gives the product to the boss and the boss sells it taking a profit for it. Karl Marx thought this was unfair and that workers were being exploited
  6. Alienation
    a worker in a capital system is being exploited/used
  7. Conflict theory
    • the workers and bosses are never going to be in agreement, they will always be at conflict.
    • In a pure communist their is no such thing as inequality everyone is equal. Karl Marx thought this would happen after the revolution
  8. Industrialization
    the large scale introduction or manufacturing, advanced technical enterprises and other productive economic activity into an area, society, country, etc
  9. Max Weber
    • A comtemporary, german sociologist. 
    • he believed as societies modernized they become more bureaucractic
    • did not think capitalism was so bad
  10. ideal type
    works good on paper but not always in reality
  11. Bureaucracy
    • super racial approach the the handling of large tasks
    • set rules/procedures to make sure that whatever needs to get done gets done
    • as social class gets bigger the tasks become bigger and more difficult to get done
  12. goal of rational efficiency
    • there should be a reason behind everything 
    • bureaucrarcy should handle this task by the most logical way and most efficent way
    • maximixing your resources
    • ex. less time, less people
  13. the protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism
    the most famous book Max Weber wrote
  14. Relationship of religious values to economic activity
    • in many protestants faiths was compatible with capitalism
    • catholics say you will get your reward in the afterlife
    • protestants say its ok to make money now
  15. Material success was a sign of God's favor
    • making money was predestined in God's favor
    • being wealthy and having extra was what God had planned for you
  16. Predestination
    • protestant faith
    • religious belief it has already been decided what is going to happen to you before you were even born
  17. Social class
    • what defined or separated people 
    • how much money you have
  18. social status
    • the relationship to consuption
    • what you can buy
  19. Signs that a society is modernizing
    • when people start living longer
    • cities expand
    • people look for more/different jobs
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