SAT Vocabulary Study 8

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  1. acquiesce
    to give in, to comply
  2. ameliorate
    to make better, to relieve, to improve
  3. atrophy
    to waste away, to wither
  4. bequeath
    to hand down, to give or to leave in a will
  5. cajole
    to persuade with deliberate flattery, to coax, to wheedle
  6. compendious
    containing only the essentials
  7. cursory
    superficial, casual, hastily done
  8. debase
    to reduce in dignity or quality
  9. deplete
    to use up gradually, to lessen in amount or value
  10. efface
    to erase, to wear away
  11. elucidate
    to make clear, to explain
  12. expunge
    to remove, to erase
  13. extricate
    to free, to disentangle
  14. garrulous
    talkative, rambling
  15. impetuous
    violent, hasty, rash, impulsive
  16. laconic
    using a minimum of words; concise to the point of seeming rude
  17. opulence
    wealth, affluence, abundance
  18. placate
    to appease or to pacify by making concessionsl conciliate
  19. reiterate
    to repeat
  20. surreptitious
    secret, clandestine, stealthy
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