Marcie's Vocabulary 25

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  1. AM Care
    Care given early morning when the patient first awakens
  2. Anticoagulants
    Medication that thins the blood and increases the risk of bleeding.
  3. bridging
    supporting the body on either side of an affected area to relieve pressure on the area.
  4. Caries
    Tooth decay or cavities
  5. dentures
    Artificial teeth
  6. feces
    stool, semisold waste elements
  7. footboard
    appliance placed at the food of the bed so the feet rest firmly against it and are kept at right angles to the legs.
  8. foot drop
    a neurological problem that cause the foot to point downward.
  9. halitosis
    bad breath
  10. oral hygiene
    care of the mouth and teeth
  11. PM Care
    Care given to a patient for sleep
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