SAT Vocabulary Study 23

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  1. abstemious
    sparing (usually in eating or drinking); temperate
  2. admonish
    to caution, to advist, or to counsel against something
  3. antiquit
    the quality of being ancient; ancient times
  4. censure
    to blame or to condemn
  5. chasten
    to discipline, to use punishment to correct behavior
  6. debunk
    to expose the falness or hypocrisy of something
  7. defile
    to make dirty, to desecate, to pollute
  8. embroil
    to entangle, to throw into confusing or strife
  9. exorcise
    to expel an evil spirit, to get rid of something troublesome
  10. fortuitous
    something that happens by accident or chance (usually good)
  11. garner
    to gather together, to store up
  12. humility
    the quality or state of being humble in spirit
  13. larceny
    the act of stealing another's property
  14. parch
    to beocme dry from heat, to shrivel from heat
  15. parry
    to deflect or to ward off a blow
  16. porous
    something th atpermits the passage of substances through pores
  17. precipitate 
    to cause to speedily occur, to throw headlong
  18. ratify 
    to give formal approval
  19. rupture
    to break apart, to burst
  20. taper
    to decrease in thickness or width
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