Sociology Exam 1

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  1. S_________ is one of the social sciences disciplines that examine the human or social world. It is the study of society. The study of human behavior in society.
  2. M__________: examines small group interactions to see how they impact larger institutions in society
  3. M_________: examine large scale social structures to determine how they impact groups and individuals
  4. C. Wrights used this term. S___________ I__________: A quality of the mind that allows us to understand the relationship between our particular situation in life and what is happening at a social level.  
    sociological imagination
  5. These are 5 _____ ______? They have been found in virtually every society throughout history. 
    5 basic institutions
  6. S________ S________: complex framework composed of both patterned social interactions and institutions that together organizes social life and provide the context for individual action.
    social structure
  7. S__________ I__________: a major sphere of social life with a set of beliefs and rules that is organized to meet basic human needs.
    social institution
  8. Who are these people?
    Comte, Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Simmel
    Classical canons or thinkers
  9. S________ T________: Theories in sociology are propositions that explain the social world and help to make predictions.
    Social theories
  10. M________ T__________ P___________
    Structural Functionalism
    Symbolic Interactionalist
    Major theoretical perspectives
  11. S__________ F___________: Society is viewed as an ordered system of interrelated parts, or structures, which are the social institutions that make up society ( family, education, politics, the economy.)
    structural functionalism
  12. S________ I_________: sees interaction and meaning as central to society and assumes that meanings are not inherent but are created through interaction

    Ex: wearing red, what read symbolizes to different people
    symbolic interactionalism
  13. F_______ T________: looks at gender inequalities in society and the way that gender structures the social world, and considers remedies to these inequalities

    Ex: Not everyone wants to do certain jobs
    Feminist Theory
  14. Q______ T_______: Proposes that categories of sexual identity are social constructs and that no sexual category is fundamentally
    queer theory
  15. A_________ C______: stated that sociology needed to be treated like any other scientific discipline

    ( Laid ground work)
    Auguste Comte
  16. H_______ S_______: 
    He was the 1st great English- Speaking sociologist
    He believed in evolution
    herbert spencer
  17. E_________ D_________: 
    Study on suicide- classic example of his sociological imagination
    From division of Labor in Society
    Emile Durkheim
  18. m______ s_______: people are similar common culture
    mechanical solidarity
  19. o________ s________:
    modern society division of labor diversity and conflicting interest
    organic solidarity
  20. M_______W______:
    Classic Study: The protestant Ethnic and the Spirit of Capitalism- study of the relationship between religious ideas
    max weber 
  21. S__________ I_________: apply the sociological perspective- in order words using one's sociological imagination

    Be more curious
    Sociological Investigation
  22. What is e_______ e________?
    The scientific way of learning answers to questions, in which knowledge is developed, demonstrated and double checked through research.
    empirical evidence
  23. Q_________ R________: translates the social world into numbers which can be studied mathematically.
    quantitative research
  24. Q___________ R__________: Uses non-numerical data like texts, interviews, photos and recordings to help understand social life
    qualitative research
  25. The S_________ M_______ consist of :
    literature review
    operational definitions
    scientific method
  26. C___________: a relationship between two variables

    Ex: Florida: Old people & palm trees
  27. C_________: a relationship where one variable causes another variable to change

    Ex:  Ice cream & rape
  28. S___________ C____________: a relationship that seem to appear between two variables, but is actually caused by something that external, or interviewing variable.
    spurious correlations
  29. C____________: the entire way of life for a group of people.

    It's hand for us to see our own culture, so we may not recognize the extent to which it shapes and defines who we are.
  30. E______________: occurs when a person uses their own culture as a standard to evaluate another group or individual, leading to the view that cultures other than one's own are abnormal.
  31. C_________ R___________: is the process of understanding other cultures on their own terms, rather than judging according to one's own culture. 
    cultural relativism
  32. What are the components of culture?
    M_______ Culture and S____________ Culture
    material cultures and symbolic culture
  33. M_______ C_______: includes the objects associated with a cultural group, such as tools, machines, utensils, buildings, and artwork.
    material culture
  34. S__________ C_______: includes ways of thinking ( beliefs, values and assumptions) and ways of behaving ( norms, interactions, and communication)
    symbolic culture
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