Physical assessment test

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  1. Whats a sign?
    data that can be seen, heard, measured, etc.
  2. Whats a symptom?
    Subjective indication of illness perceived by the patient.
  3. Whats a Disease
    Disturbance of structure or function of the body, pathology
  4. Whats a nursing diagnosis?
    its based on subjective and objective assessment data.
  5. What are risk factors?
    Factors that make us more vulnerable to acquiring a disease.
  6. Whats an acute disease?
    disease thats severe but short duration.
  7. Whats a chronic disease?
    disease that lasts a long time.
  8. What is remission?
    When symptoms decrease or diminish completely for a time frame
  9. What is organic disease?
    When disease results in a structural change in an organ that interferes with its functioning.
  10. What is initial interview?
    Introduce seld. create comfortable enviroment for interview.
  11. What is inflammation?
    Its the response of the body to injury/irritation.
  12. What is infection?
    Causing disease, especially by the presence of foreign microorganisms in the body.
  13. What does febrile mean?
    pretaining to a fever.
  14. What does diaphoresis mean?
    excessive sweating
  15. What does ecchymosis mean?
    A bruise.
  16. What does cyanosis mean?
    bluish discoloration of the skin caused by lack of oxygen.
  17. What does pruritis mean?
    severe itching
  18. Normal bowel sounds rate?
  19. What is percussion?
    technique helps to determine density of underlying tissue.
  20. What does PQRST mean?
    • Provocative/palliative
    • Quantity/Quality
    • Region/Radiation
    • Severity
    • Timing
  21. What is palpation?
    Technique useful in locating areas of tenderness.
  22. What is auscultation?
    Listening, start at apices of organ
  23. What is a nusing health history?
    information on patients wellness, changes in lihe patterns, sociocultural role and mental and emotional reaction to illness.
  24. What is a review of systems?
    Systematic review for collecting data on all body systems.
  25. What is cap refill and times?
    • Compress nail 5 sec, refill in 3 sec.
    • Test for circulation
  26. Importance of height and weight?
    May signal the possible onset of alternations that may indicate illness.
  27. Edema 1+ size and time?
    Trace, 2mm and dissapears rapidly.
  28. Edema 2+ size and time?
    Mild, 4mm 10-15sec
  29. Edema 3+ size and time
    Moderate 6mm, 30sec to 1min
  30. Edema 4+ size and time?
    severe, 8mm last 2-5min
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