Chapter 2 Vocab

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  1. elicit
    to draw forth. to bring out
  2. Terminate 
    To Stop; bring to an end
  3. methodical 
    orderly; systematic
  4. adjacent
    close; near (to something)
  5. tangible
    able to be touched; having form and matter
  6. obsolete
    no longer active or in use; out of date
  7. escalate
    to increase or intensify
  8. acclaim
    Great praise or applause; enthusiastic aapproval
  9. engross
    to hold the full attention of; absorb
  10. exploit
    to use selfishly or unethically; take unfair advantage of
  11. instigate
    to bring about by moving others to action; stir up
  12. rudimentary
    Fundamental; nacessary to leanr first
  13. resilient
    able to recover quickly from harm, illness, or misfortune
  14. collaborate
    to work together on a project; cooperate in an effort
  15. zealot
    a person totally devoted to a purpose or cause
  16. squelch 
    to silence or suppress; crush
  17. venerate
    to respect deeply; revere
  18. despondent
    downhearted; hopeless; overwhelmed with sadness
  19. restrospect
    reviewing the past; considering past events
  20. scoff
    to make fun of; mock; refuse to take seriously

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Chapter 2 Vocab
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Chapter Vocab

Chapter 2 Vocab
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