Wordly Wise Lesson 18

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  1. Adhere (v)
    • 1. To stick to; to stay attatched
    • 2. To follow closely and faithfully
  2. Aplomb (n)
    Complete self-confidence and poise
  3. Brandish (v)
    To shake or wave in a threatening way
  4. Broach (v)
    To bring up in a discussion; to talk about
  5. Devotee (n)
    An ardent follower, supporter, or enthusiast
  6. Diffident (adj)
    unsure of oneself; shy
  7. Extravaganza (n)
    An elaborate or spectacular display or event
  8. Integrity (n)
    • 1. Honesty; trustworthiness
    • 2. The condition of being whole or complete
  9. Plaintive (adj)
    Expressing sorrow, mournful
  10. Plaudit (n) (usually plural)
    A demonstration of strong approval or praise
  11. Regalia (n) (pl)
    The symbols, objects, or special costumes worn by or associated with a group
  12. Resplendent (adj)
    dazzling in appearance
  13. Subordinate
    • (adj)
    • 1. Less important; secondary
    • (n)
    • 2. One who is under command or control of others
  14. Surmount (v)
    To defeat or overcome
  15. Tenable (adj)
    Capable of being overcome or defeated
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