Origin and Insertion Upper Extremity

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  1. Orging and Insertion Anteoir Deltoid & Coracoidbraclias
    What movement
    O: Clivical I: Deltoid Tuberoristy

    • O: Coracoid process & Humerus
    • Shoulder Flexion
  2. what movement do these muscle perform
    Latissimisu Dorsi & Teres Major & Posterior Deltoid
    • Hyperextension
    • O: SPINIOUS PROCESS T7-L5, Posterior Illiac crest, lower 3 ribs

    O: Scapula I: Lesser Tuberacle

    O: Spine of the scapula I: Deltoid Tuberosity
  3. Middle Deltoid & Surpraspinatatus & Movement
    Shoulder Abduction

    O: Acromion Process I: Deltoid Tuberosity

    O: Supraspinatuous Fossa I: GREATER Tuberacle
  4. Posterior Deltoid & What movement?
    Shoulder Horizontal Abduction

    O: Acromion Deltiod  I: Deltoid Tuberosity
  5. Pectoralis Major & What movement
    O: Clavical & Sternum I: Biceptal Groove

    Shoulder Horizontal ADDUCTION
  6. Subscaupularis & Pectoralis Major  & Latissimus Dorsi & Teres Major  & Movement
    • Internal Rotation
    • Sub O: Subscapularis Fossa I: Lesser Tuberacle

    Pec O: Clavical & Sternum I: Bicipital Groove

    Lat: O: Spinious T7-L5, Lower 3 ribs and Posterier Illiac Crest

    Tere Major: O: Scapula I: Lesser Tubercle
  7. Infranspinatus & Teres MINOR & Movement
    External Rotation

    O: Infranspinatus Fossa I: Greater Tuberacle

    O: Scapula I: Lesser Tuberacle
  8. Brachilias & Bicepes Brachi & Brachioradilias & movement
    Elbow Flexion

    • Brachi: O: Humerus I: Ulna Tuberosity & cornoid process
    • Biceps: O: Scapula Long Head; Short head Coracoid process   I: Radial tuberosity
    • Brachioradilas: O: Lateral Humerus I: STYLOID Process
  9. Origin and Insertion of Brachioradialis
    O: Lateral Humerus

    I: Styloid Process of the Radius
  10. Supinator & Biceps Brachii & what movement  & Nerve
    Supination & Radial Nerve (C6)

    • Sup: O: Lateral Epicondyle  I: Radius
    • O: Long Head- Supraglenoid Tuberacle; short head- coracoid process I: Raidal Tuberosity
  11. Prontator Teres & Pronator Quadratus & Nerve
    Prontator & median Nerve (C6,C7)

    Teres: O: MEDIAN epicondylar and coranoid process of ulna   I: raduis

    Pro Quadratus: O: Radius I:Ulna
  12. Extensor carip Radialis Longus, Extensor carpi brevis, extensor carpi Ulnaris & Movement
    WRIST Hyperextension & Radial Nerve

    • Ext Carp Rad: O: humerus I: 2 metacarpal
    • Ext Carp Brevis O: Lateral Epicondylar I: 3 metacarpal        Ext Carp Ulnaris O: Lateral Epicondylar I: 5th metacarpal
  13. Extensor Carpi Ulnaris & Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
    • Ext Carp Ulnaris O: Lateral Epicondylar I: 5th metacarpal

    Flexor Carpi Ulnaris O: medial epicondylar I: Pisiform and 5th metacarpal
  14. Flexor Carpi Radials & Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
    Flexor Car Rad: O: Medial Epicondylar I: 2 &3rd metacarpals

    Flexor Carpi Ulnaris O: medial epicondylar I: Pisiform and 5th metacarpal
  15. Wrist Radial Deviation
    Flexor & extensor carpi radialis
  16. Scapula Upward Rotation and Abduction is . . .
    Serratus Anterior

    O: Upper 8 ribs I: Vertebral boader of scapula

    Long theracic (c5-c7) Nerve
  17. Middle Trapezius & Rhomoid & Movement
    M. Trap O: Spinous Processes of C7-T3  I:  Scapula spine

    O: Spinous Process of C7-T5 I: Verteral boarder of scapula
  18. Scapula Elevation is. . . .

    Nerve. . . .
    • Upper Trapezius  (Spinal accessory Cranial X neve)
    •            &
    •  Levator Scapula  ( C3-C4 Cranial Nerves)
  19. Upper Trapezius & Levator Scapula
    Upper Trap O: Occipital bone, nuchal ligament I: Acromion process

    • Lev S O: Transverse process of 1st 4th cervical vetebra
    •            I: Vetebral border of scapula
  20. Rhomboids does what scapula and muscle movement?
    Downward Roation and Retraction

    • O: Spinous process of C7-T5
    • I: Vetebral border of scapula
  21. Lower traps does what movement. . . .
    Downward rotation and Depression

    • O: Spinous process Thoracic veterbra
    • I: Base of scapula Spine
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