Antibiotic Susceptibility Test

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  1. Why is AST performed?
    To determine which antibiotic will be successful in treating bacterial infections.
  2. How is plate inoculated with bacteria?
    Using Qtip, streak entire surface of plate with broth culture 3 times.
  3. How do we tell the difference btwn susceptible, intermediate & resistant bacteria?
    Use a ruler to measure zone diameter - chart with interpretive standards (mm).
  4. How can we assure the bacteria used are at the correct turbidity? Why does this matter?
    The broth culture is duiluted to match a 0.5 McFarland turbidity standard (place card with sharp black lines behind the tubes).
  5. How do we measure the results of this test?
    Use a ruler to measure zone diameter (zone of inhibition) - chart with interpretive standards (mm).
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