A&P - LAB - Exam I

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  1. Axial
    Relating to the head, neck & Trunk.  It is the axis of the body
  2. Appendicular
    • Relating to limbs and their attachment to the
    • axis.
    • Appendicular (Appendage)
  3. Body Direction - Superior
    ABOVE  (the nose is superior to the mouth)
  4. Body Direction - Inferior
    • BELOW
    • The abdomen is inferior to the chest
  5. Body Direction - Anterior
    • FRONT
    • Anterior structures are those that are most forward: the face, chest & Abdomen.
  6. Body Direction - Posterior
    • BACK, towards the backside of the body.
    • (the spine is posterior to the heart)
  7. Body Direction - Medial
    • Towards the middle  
    • (the breastbose is medial to the ribs)
  8. Body Direction - Lateral
    • away from the middle or median plane
    • (medial plan cuts the body at the most center/ middle point)
  9. Body Direction - Cephalad/ Cranial
    Towards the head
  10. Body Direction - Caudal
    Towards the tail
  11. Body Direction - Dorsal
  12. Body Direction - Ventral
  13. Body Direction - Proximal
    nearer the trunk or attached end
  14. Body Direction - Distal
    Farther from the trunk or point of attachment
  15. Body Direction - Superficial
    External/ toward the body surface
  16. Body Direction - Deep
    Internal away from the body surface
  17. Body Plane - Sagittal Plane
    • Divides the body into right and left parts
    • runs longitudinally
  18. Body Planes - Median/ Midsagittal
    runs longitudinally (like Sagittal plane) but dives the body into equal parts exactly in the middle
  19. Body Planes -Frontal/  Coronal Plane
    • Divides the body or organ into Front (Anterior) & Back (Posterior) parts
    • runs longitudinally
  20. Dorsal Body Cavity is subdivided into which two
    • Cranial cavity (brain/ skull)
    • Vertebral/ Spin al Cavity
  21. The Ventral Body Cavity is subdivided into which
    two cavities??
    • Thoracic Cavity - separated by the diaphragm,
    • contains the heart and lungs
    • Adominopelvic Cavity - Houses the stomach,
    • intestines, liver and other orgasm
  22. What is the function of Serous Membranes of the Ventral Body Cavity?
    • It produces a thin lubricating fluid that allows
    • the visceral (internal) organs to slide over one another without friction.

    • It also compartmentalize the various organs so
    • that infection of one organ is prevented from spreading to others.
  23. Body Cavities - Synovial
    • they are joint cavities (they surround the freely
    • movable joints in the body) - knee joint, hip joint, etc
  24. Orbital Cavities
    In the skull, they house the eyes
  25. Oral Cavity
    Mouth, contains the tounge and teeth
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